Craigslist Alternatives

#1. W4M Maps

If you loved the old craigslist personals then you are going to be a fan of w4m maps since they copied a lot of what made craigslist amazing in the first place. All the same categories exist, but the most popular and emphasized one is definitely W4M.

Basically the idea here is when you post an ad, rather then just being a textual ad in list of classifieds, here you actually appear on a live and real time map along with others who are logged in at that moment. This gives you a visual of where women are around you, which is helpful to know if you are actually planning on meeting anyone!

This one was also our favorite backpage replacement since there is a good mix of both dating and escorts so it really covers both worlds. We recommend you give it a try and put yourself on the map!

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2. Doublelist

Interestingly enough, this site came online within 24 hours of the closing of craigslist, copying the same look and feeling and calling itself a double. Many speculated this was actually the owner of craigslist creating a seperate spin off and so on. As it turns out there is no connection.

Doublelist started out very slowly, maybe there was 19 real women on there at first because nobody had heard of the site.

Now that its had a couple years to grow in its popularity, there is actually a large userbase on here. We would definitely recommend them if you are looking for adult personals.


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#3. Leolist

For all our canadian readers this has become the most popular escorting site in canada and definitely the place you wanna go if you are looking for a replacement to the old craigslist personals. Here they are quite good at keeping out the schemers as well and the people we contacted we real, and there was a nice straightforwardness to it all since they listed their price directly in the ad and would tell you on the phone what you would be getting for that number, which is too explicit for me to post here!

If you are looking to get laid and you are in canada, try this one.


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