5 Great Free DNS hosting providers to choose from

5 Great Free DNS hosting providers to choose from

This is a list of some of the best free DNS Hosting Providers. They’re all suitable for people who are new to DNS.

Free DNS hosting is a fantastic starting point for learning more about DNS. Even though free DNS hosting is somewhat limited, you will definitely observe improvements. As a result, you’ll better understand what further services you could require. In addition, you’ll have less downtime, and your system will be more redundant.


The first Free DNS Hosting provider from our list is ClouDNS. It offers both free and premium subscription plans. Compared to competitors, its Free plan includes 4 Unicast DNS servers, 50 DNS records, one email forward, web redirection, and 500 thousand DNS queries per month. It supports the basics and a variety of DNS record types. Furthermore, you receive Dynamic DNS, which is a very practical and time-saving option—transparent DNS traffic data and live-chat support from professionals. There’s no need to switch to another provider if the free plan isn’t adequate for you. By simply upgrading to a paid plan, you may avoid the dangers and complexity of migration.


Another DNS provider with paid and free DNS options is Namecheap. It includes a few great extras in its free DNS service, such as the ability to use a secondary DNS. It can be used as a backup and to increase redundancy. It supports A, AAAA, MX, NS, ALIAS, CNAME, Web redirection, and other DNS record types. Dynamic DNS is also available here. It offers technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In terms of free tier DNS, Namecheap and ClouDNS are pretty similar, so if you’re considering one of them, it might be a good idea to look at their premium plans as well.


This is another fantastic and dependable DNS hosting provider with various features to choose from. They have a good API and a user-friendly control panel. It also provides Dynamic DNS and a variety of DNS record types, including SOA, NS, A, CNAME, MX, TXT, and others. It has a hybrid Anycast infrastructure that is appealing. The sole requirement for new users is that they pay a $15 one-time registration charge.


GeoScaling has one incredible ace up its sleeve in the form of GeoDNS, a completely free service. It can analyze incoming traffic and guide visitors according to their location. So, this is quite helpful and uncommon in a free-tier DNS. Aside from that, it offers a reasonable monthly limit of 1 million DNS queries and decent support for DNS record types. Dynamic DNS functionality is also a good inclusion. The organization’s team isn’t as large as the previous companies, but it’s still a compelling proposition.


The last one from our list is BuddyNS. This DNS provider supplies a free secondary DNS service. In addition, it comes with DNSCurve, which allows you to encrypt DNS requests for free. Another unusual but good feature is free DNS security. A free DNS monitor, substantial uptime, and the ability to use AAAA records are also included. Unfortunately, the monthly limit of 300K DNS queries is a bit low, and there is no customer assistance, although it does offer paid options.


We can infer that you already know which are some of the best Free DNS Hosting Providers. To exist and enjoy the Internet adventure, there are trustworthy companies you can rely on. Analyze the structure you wish to create to comprehend its requirements completely. Maybe you might give it a try and reap the rewards!

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