W4M Personals

#1. W4M Maps

As you may have guessed, of all the sites we have tested we are the most impressed with w4m maps and would definitely consider it the ultimate replacement for both backpage and craigslist.

Although all categories exist and there is a huge diverse crowd on here, its catered towards “women seeking men” hence the name. 

The way this works is instead of the old format of looking at textual ads in a classified format, you get a visual map of where you are located (thanks to google) and personals appear around you if there are any.

In our experience there generally is someone nearby, although we can’t guarantee a hottie if you are out in some remote area!

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2. Skip The Games

The sheer amount of “women for men” on here is actually huge, the problem is most guys don’t know how to get a girls attention on there once talking, and thats why many of them gravitate towards more sexual oriented sites in the first place where they can just send some cock pics and go from there.

If you just practice the art of conversation a little more, you are sure to meet some babes on here.

3. Redtube

This is an interesting new idea where you can watch porn and live chat with others at the same time, its called Chatmo and they are mostly working with redtube for the content. It’s a neat way to start having sexual chats with others and see where it goes from there. Definitely a good one!